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ngnix & Calxeda

Posted: June 22, 2012 in images, linaro, open_source, server

In progress I have an update to the Linaro based server image I’ve created. It fixes a couple of notable bugs.

  1. linaro-media-create would fail due to an already installed kernel.
  2. openssh-server removed for now – the package while previously installed wouldn’t have the keys generated, so unless you knew to manually gen your keys slogin and friends would fail in unhelpful ways.

Besides the update to this lamp image, I’ve another image I’ve create which replaces apache with ngnix. Never heard of ngnix ?  Read more about it here.

Also of note Calxeda has posted ApacheBench numbers using their new chips. That can be found here.

The new lamp server image is located here.  It is as yet untested.

The ngnix based image isn’t complete.

Today I went to look to find the Linaro server image on  that I had put together last year  and well .. umm .. err … yeah not there. Now don’t get upset. Maintaining lots of different reference images takes time, effort and resources. It’s cool.

Rolling up my sleeves, I took the time to create a version of the past server image using armhf with precise. I’ve tested booted it on my panda boards. It works. Tomorrow I’m intending to run ApacheBench against it.

The live-build config is located at : lp:~tom-gall/linaro/live-helper.config.precise.server

I’ve cross built this on my intel box with the a45 version linaro’s live-build. You can too.

If you’ve never cross built an image before you can find instructions here.

Or if I have a little time tomorrow I’ll post the image somewhere so you don’t have to rebuild it.

Updated 6/19 : Server image can be downloaded from here.

On to Oneiric

Posted: May 24, 2011 in images, linaro

Today was a fairly productive day. The next cycle for Linaro which will result in the 11.11 release also known as Oneiric Ocelot. While Linaro will be releasing 11.05 (aka Natty) in the next day or two, I’ve been plunging ahead on with Oneiric image work.

Of note for Oneiric Linaro images, we’ll see a new community image added to the mix named linaro-server. To start it is a LAMP stack for arm. The image weighs in at about 120 Meg compressed. I fully expect we’ll flesh this out with more useful server goodness in time as makes sense for running on an arm server. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to get my hands on an A15. Checkbook is standing by.

We’ll see a new insanely smaller image that is nothing more than a kernel and a busybox initrd. As to it’s name? Well I think we probably need to build some consensus, but pico was thrown out as one possibility.

The old friends of alip, ubuntu-desktop, and developer will continue on. In addition the graphical-engineering and multimedia-engineering images will continue tho I expect some adjustments so that those images pick up works in progress much quicker from the work groups in question.

Alip will have the ability for all of it’s packages to be cross built. This might cause a refactoring of the contents of the ALIP image. I would expect the images to get even smaller and perhaps even switch away from xfce to something fairly minimalistic but still good enough to run a web browser.

Stay tuned!