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Life with a new Drobo FS

Posted: December 31, 2010 in drobo

For Christmas I got a Drobo FS from my wife. In a fairly small box it fits 5 drives, network cable out the back and a little power brick.

Simple to assemble, drop SATA drives into drobo.

Install of their dashboard on Mac OSX requires a restart. Any app that requires that OS to restart just to start up some new services probably should rethink their design. Call me old school unix but I don’t like to restart that often.

Making shares again, very easy. If you’re going to use any of the shares with time machine you have one little extra box to click, very simple stuff.

My only ding against the whole package is the data transfer rates. Over the course of approx 24 hours only ~400 gig of data had transfered. For a device hooked up to my gigE backbone and the only other machine on said gigE backbone is the box shipping data to the drobo I would have expected a much better result. In comparison 30Meg/s for USB2 would transfer ~108Gig/hour. Shipping 30Meg a sec over a quiet GigE is more than reasonable.

So all in all if you want a drop dead simple data backup system that raids hard drives drobo certainly fits the bill. If you want it to be fast… well best look elsewhere. 6 cheap USB disks raided and redundant via OSX would be both faster and cheaper.