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Kernel Testing News 11/30/2018

Posted: November 30, 2018 in Uncategorized

Nov 26th saw the release of 4.4.165, 4.9.141, 4.14.84 and 4.19.4

For these LTS kernel versions, results were reported upstream, no regressions were found.

2018-11-26: Rafael Tinoco – bug 4043 – Asked Greg to backport a fix for v4.4, Sasha forwarded to the mm list.

For Android Kernels, regressions were detected.


  • 4.14.84 + HiKey boot regression – observed in with 9.0 and AOSP
  • 4.4.165 Regression:
    VtsKernelSyscallExistence#testSyscall_name_to_handle_at – Unknown
    error: test case requested but not executed.
    VtsKernelSyscallExistence#testSyscall_open_by_handle_at – Unknown
    error: test case requested but not executed.
    VtsKernelSyscallExistence#testSyscall_uselib – Unknown error: test
    case requested but not executed.

No Others Regressions: 4.4.165 and 4.9.141 on Android 9.

X15: 4.14.84 + O-MR1 – Baselining activity has been particularly effective over the past two weeks, dropping the number of errors from 65 failing tests to 16 as of today. That’s really good progress towards setting a clean baseline.

Bug 4033  Sumit has been looking at the failing CtsBluetoothTestCases android.bluetooth.cts.BluetoothLeScanTest#testBasicBleScan and android.bluetooth.cts.BluetoothLeScanTest.testScanFilter failures.

These tests both pass across all kernels with 8.1. They however fail with both 9.0 and AOSP. Looking at historical AOSP results it appears that failures there started approx in the September timeframe.

Last, successful test builds and test boot to UI with 4.4.165 and 4.9.141 with Android 9) using the newly released clang-r346389 compiler.