Graphics Working Group – Monday Linaro Connect Asia 2014

Posted: March 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

Monday was the first day of Linaro Connect here in Macau. It was also a somewhat lighter day for the Graphics Working Group as our team wasn’t hosting any sessions today. 

I attended the ARM VM standards meeting in the morning. It’s a proposal to put together a standard or whitepaper to give guidance on VMs on ARM systems. What drew me in was the seeming possibility the document would come down with a position on graphics drivers within an ARM VM. Through the course of the meeting it became clear that individual VM implementations such as KVM or XEN would not be mandated to as far as drivers were concerned from a graphics perspective. So alls well.

I also attended the RDK overview. That was an informational meeting about the RDK that Linaro had help move over to use OE as a basis. They did a great job to spread out the RDK to use the layer system within OE effectively. 70% of the packages in the resulting new OE based RDK are OE infrastructure. It was good to hear and see the success.

The afternoon was the first initial day of hacking. We had an short team meeting as I need to go and present to the Linaro TSC with the engineering status for the Graphics Working Group. 

Our team goals for the week include:

1 – Display Subteam

set hwcomposer milestones and dates

Further LSK board support discussions with members

Meet with LHG, come up to speed on LHG directions

2 – Media & Libs Subteam

Set direction for next 6-12 months on which libraries to optimize for AARCH64 next based on member and attendee input

Sync with ARM team also doing work with in this space

what tools is the ARM team using in the course of their work

3 – UMM Subteam

Interactive design and feedback on the user space allocator helper and vetting with the Wayland/Weston zero copy real world

gralloc discussion

4 – GPGPU Subteam

Heads down working out bugs with Shamrock, discuss further feature implementation 

GPGPU whitepaper release

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