ngnix & Calxeda

Posted: June 22, 2012 in images, linaro, open_source, server

In progress I have an update to the Linaro based server image I’ve created. It fixes a couple of notable bugs.

  1. linaro-media-create would fail due to an already installed kernel.
  2. openssh-server removed for now – the package while previously installed wouldn’t have the keys generated, so unless you knew to manually gen your keys slogin and friends would fail in unhelpful ways.

Besides the update to this lamp image, I’ve another image I’ve create which replaces apache with ngnix. Never heard of ngnix ?  Read more about it here.

Also of note Calxeda has posted ApacheBench numbers using their new chips. That can be found here.

The new lamp server image is located here.  It is as yet untested.

The ngnix based image isn’t complete.

  1. Nikolay Nikolaev says:

    Can you provide any hints on how to run this in a qemu?

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