New Life into a Linaro based Server image

Posted: June 18, 2012 in images, linaro, open_source, server

Today I went to look to find the Linaro server image on  that I had put together last year  and well .. umm .. err … yeah not there. Now don’t get upset. Maintaining lots of different reference images takes time, effort and resources. It’s cool.

Rolling up my sleeves, I took the time to create a version of the past server image using armhf with precise. I’ve tested booted it on my panda boards. It works. Tomorrow I’m intending to run ApacheBench against it.

The live-build config is located at : lp:~tom-gall/linaro/live-helper.config.precise.server

I’ve cross built this on my intel box with the a45 version linaro’s live-build. You can too.

If you’ve never cross built an image before you can find instructions here.

Or if I have a little time tomorrow I’ll post the image somewhere so you don’t have to rebuild it.

Updated 6/19 : Server image can be downloaded from here.

  1. cnxsoft says:

    Thanks for that. I’ve managed to build an image following the instructions, but for some reasons my image is 180MB whereas yours is 200 MB

    I’ve tried both images on another headless ARMv7 platform.

    I’ve noticed that the only interface enabled is lo in /etc/network/interfaces, I could add eth0 manually, but I haven’t found the right way to enable it with live-build yet.

    The main problem I have is that although openssh_server is running, I can’t login via ssh as it just returns “Read from socket failed: Connection reset by peer”, and I’m not sure how to solve that one. “ssh -vvv ip” does not seem to help:

    • cnxsoft says:

      I found the issue in /var/log/auth.log, the dsa key is missing. I’ve run.
      ssh-keygen -t dsa -f /etc/ssh/ssh_host_dsa_key
      service ssh restart

      and I could login with linaro user.

      Is there a way to generate that key with live-build?

    • tgallfoo says:

      Not sure on what the size difference might be. I’d be very curious to look at your live-build config and see if I can replicate to identify what is going on.

      On the sshd issue you’re seeing. The ssh keys for the system aren’t generated. An easy way to fix this is apt-get install –reinstall openssh-server. The right fix will be to have the system generate these on first boot after the installation on the media.

      • cnxsoft says:

        I’ve compared both images, and I don’t have vmlinux, initramfs and all the kernel module for OMAP. That’s why the size is different. That’s good to me because I did not run it on the Pandabaord. I guess live-build must be configured somewhere to use the pandaboard.

  2. Rony says:

    Great work Tom.I am just trying to use your prebuilt image with Samsung HW Pack. But,can the image be used with Origen HW Pack? .I am getting some srror while using l-m-c.

    • tgallfoo says:

      Hi Rony, Yes it should be able to be used with the Origen hwpack. There is a bug in one of the packages that I suspect is causing what you’re seeing. A dep was pulling in the kernel which it shouldn’t do. This should be fixed now. I’ll regen the image and repost. I’ve got an armhf version of ngnix a high performance web server put together as well.

      I’ve been replicating the high performance word press setup I linked to earlier but with arhmf precise. I am looking to gather apache bench numbers and profile with DS5.

  3. […] Since recent ARM servers are running Ubuntu 12.04, and Tom Gall has (conveniently) posted the live-build config necessary to generate Ubuntu 12.04 Server image this week, I thought I’d give it a try on Mele A1000.The image generated is a headless system […]

  4. woob says:

    So there are no audio drivers compiled in? Sigh, there is always something missing ;_;

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