Thoughts on WWDC 2012

Posted: June 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Next week is Apple’s World Wide Developers Convention. (WWDC) Everyone else is posting their predictions, so I will too.

  1. Apple replaces google maps with something else. No matter what it is and how it works, let’s just hope it works better than Ping!
  2. New intel Macs? Yeah. HiDPI? O I sure hope so. Apple likes to command a premium and taking a step forward in display technology is certainly going to create some serious want in the hearts and minds of those with the cash to spend it. USB3 I would bet will be there.
  3. Siri 3rd party access. This might be a little early yet. Siri isn’t even out of beta yet. This is what I think we’ll see, Siri 1.0 and expanded to more hardware, probably just iPad 3. 3rd party access? I kinda doubt it.
  4. New iPhone hardware? Count me as a doubter. Even tho the 4G LTE rumors about moscone getting wired for it seem pretty real, I just don’t think we’ll see an iPhone revision announced until a little later towards the fall which would set the stage for an active fall / Christmas shopping season.
  5. More enterprise support in iOS. I’m sure Apple will continue to want to make inroads with business. I think we’ll see additions to iOS to support what enterprises want for security in particular. This to me means there will be some way added to divide between the owners stuff and the companies apps / data placed onto the iOS device.
  6. Multi-user, sorta. I think we’re going to see something introduced that allows your iPad to be used by multiple members of the family and is able to keep preferences, log in ids, app access, differentiated by user.
  7. Apps on Apple TV but not just any apps. It’s going to happen but these will be apps that specifically deliver content. With 100+ billion in the bank, I wonder if apple won’t throttle back on the percentage cut it takes on business through the iTunes store just for this angle of business for a new Apple TV. Will Apple be content with 2nd run content or will it further sweeten the pot to try and attract new original content. That’ll be interesting. I don’t think there will be DVR functionality
  8. OS X.8
  9. I think the way apps communicate back and forth in iOS is about to change. I think we’re going to see something like NeXSTEP services of yore implemented allowing apps to work together. If it happens, this will be big. Just as one can string unix commands with stdin/stdout and the magic of pipe so too this allows one app to look for other apps on the iOS device to perform specific functions.
  10. I wonder if there won’t be a push to showcase business solutions. Microsoft Office for iOS on stage? I wouldn’t be surprised. Further I wouldn’t be surprised if there are other enterprise solutions that might join them there just to reinforce the point that iOS devices belong not just in the hands of consumers.

This month is going to be fun. After all, Google IO is just a few weeks away.

  1. Dean Johnson says:

    New “air-ized” Macbook Pro’s with retina displays, USB3, and Ivy Bridge. New Air’s with just ivy bridge and USB3. Differentiation between pro and air will be the retina displays and higher stats and capacities (mem & ssd).

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