1Q12 Linaro Connect Afterglow

Posted: February 20, 2012 in android, linaro, open_source

A week has gone by since 1Q12 Linaro Connect wrapped up in the bay area. Speaking for myself it was a good connect with the outcomes in line with my expectations.

In the Linaro Multimedia group we hosted 4 sessions about audio on the various member company boards. These included, STE, TI, Freescale, and Samsung. It was a great opportunity to meet with the landing teams who work to keep the kernel updated, push patches upstream in the kernel and in some cases enable the multimedia stack. I say some cases as not all drivers are open from board to board. We were able to talk about common problems, how we can help each other and most importantly keep multimedia working on Linux and Android.

Some themes emerged from the meetings for which we are able to take acti. First the teams all need some sort of easy to use command line tests to validate things are functional. Second the sound configuration system needs to change to be less brittle.

Over the course of the week the STE team is to be commended as audio was made to be working on snowball. They were running xbmc by the end of the week which is great accomplishment.

On Tuesday morning I gave one of the 15 minute plenary talks. Hope the talk makes it up to youtube where the other talks are starting to appear. In short the talk was about audio and accelerated video aren’t nice to have anymore, they are requirements and if they aren’t working, we need to consider the build broken. www.youtube.com/user/LinaroOrg/feed

Beyond Audio sessions there was a meeting about codecs and NEON optimizations. VP8 is high on the wish list as many would like to have good demo capabilities using Google+ hangouts which of course utilizes VP8. WebP the newer still image format also appeared on the list. Libav is still a popular item however since it is not on Android this was an item for discussion as far as how to maximize benefits to Android besides just Linux.

There was also a gstreamer session. The discussion largely centered on the release of gstreamer 1.0 and the efforts and issues that will need to be considered as part of the upgrade.

dma_buf was also a discussion point in it’s own set of sessions. From what’s next to Android discussions and related. I didn’t make it to most of those sessions unfortunately. With Jesse Barker and Rob Clark driving those efforts it continues to move forward. With the acceptance into the 3.3 kernel, it’s exciting times. Further Rob had a demo at the Friday demo session of a camera using dma_buf. Exciting stuff.

During the hacking sessions, I upgraded libjpeg-turbo to 1.2. BenjiG was able to get even more test cases running in LAVA. Feng was working furiously to make the 12.02 release with stability updates for alsa and pulse audio for Panda and imx53. Kurt while not in attendance was working on UCM for Android.

Another high point of LC was the use of Google+ hangouts over the air. It worked and allowed remote participants to be part of the sessions.

Why go to a Linaro Connect? Linaro Connect is part planning the future of ARM and part hacking sessions. For an engineer it’s a high bandwidth, high productivity environment. You can watch world cup soccer on TV, you can watch the super bowl on TV, but being there is an entirely and more rewarding experience not only for the individual but for the ARM community. Sure one can attend a session or Google+ hangouts but you can’t sit next to someone at a hacking session, you can’t grab someone in the hallway, you miss the shared experience and likewise the community misses the shared experience of having you there. Ideas, designs, conversations go in far more interesting directions with you in the audience.

Hope to see you in Hong Kong!

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